Best Weighted Blankets in 2018 – The Complete Buying Guide

Weighted Blanket Reviews

According to National Sleep Foundation, an average adult needs7-9 hours of sleep a day while teenagers and kids require more for sustaining a healthy life.

As the number tells, we spend one-third of our lives asleep.You may need to stay awake for a day or two in order to appreciate the importance of sleep.

Did you know that through a lull, our body systems are refreshed? Yes, you got me right. It is the same way you could refresh a computer!

Lack of sleep is detrimental to the normal functioning of the body which may trigger adverse side effects, some of which are listed below.

Negative Effects of Lack of Sleep

  • Lack of sleep can impair ones Judgement.
  • Can take away your alertness
  • May Causes Accidents through lack of concentration
  • Makes you vulnerable and susceptible to health conditions such as heart attack
  • Lack of Sleep Kills your Sex Drive
  • Can accelerate aging
  • Lack of sleep has the potential to render one depressed
  • Can cause amnesia
  • Lack of sleep can trigger unusual weight gain.

Considering how these adverse effects may be detrimental to our lives, enough and quality sleep is just but a necessity and not an option to anyone keen on their health and general well-being.


Not everyone has the comfort of sound and peaceful sleep especially those who suffer from OCD, Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Insomnia, and stress.

Nonetheless, all is not lost though for these group of people struggling with the mentioned sleep disorders as there are special blankets to assist them enjoy their nights. This special blankets are called the weighted blankets. They are designed with calming features for a cozy, sound and stress-free night.

However, there are over 30 brands and much more weighted blankets to choose from.To narrow your search, we have taken a considerable time to research widely and even spared some effort to try some of the brands ourselves.

It is highly advisable for you as the reader, to take time and read through the whole article to make an optimal choice.

We guarantee you that this is all you need. No need to read another article after this.

In a Hurry? Here is Our Top Choice:

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​​​Best Weighted Blankets Reviews

8. Weighted Blanket by Weighted Idea

The product from Weighted Idea will possibly exaggerate your night by guaranteeing a sound. It is made of 100% cotton. As we all know, cotton is best rated when it comes to aeration. The blanket material makes the night all natural.

As if that is not all, the must-have blanket got other appealing touch ups which include pellets of  Hypo-allergic plastics, and they are non-toxic hence safe for your health. No allergies, no sneezes, no wheezing. You can snore for all you care and have a rewarding night. 

To add it to its features, this blanket has been designed with 10% of your body weight with the intent to foster relaxation and minimize stress. Stress therapy out of a blanket! Yes, and it is living true to this design objective at least according to most people with this great product.

The weight is meant to press against your body and give you some massaging experience. And it got a kind manufacturer too, who will follow up on the product as well as guaranteeing replacements in case of defects within a 30 day period of purchase.

Money backs are also factored in within the mentioned period. If you got anxiety, neuropathy or depression, this blanket is recommended for you. Kick away insomnia with the Weighted blanket from Weighted Idea.


Sleep full of comfort and free from insomnia brought by depression or anxiety.


  • Best quality
  • Laced with non-toxic anti-allergens
  • 100% cotton hence well aerated
  • Unconditional replacement and money backs for defects


  • Fragile Anchors
  • Tends to overweigh the middle part of your body more


This a guarantee of a cozy night. The blanket will give you a therapeutic hug all throughout the night. There is a factory curb of not more than 15% weight of your body mass. You have the freedom to ask the maker to customize your product according to your taste and preference. It caters for both the adults and the kids. It is possibly one of the best weighted blankets that caters for children.

For that case, you can choose to have a delivery of either low, medium or high-pressure blanket. The maker recommends a lighter version if you were trying the product for the first time and you are sure of your thing.

It is made up of 100% cotton with guaranteed durability. To spice up the weight of the blanket, sugar-like glass beads have been distributed with utmost care to ensure even pressure. This is all geared at giving you more magnificent and peaceful nights that may be hard to come with the standard poly-filter blankets.

Best for victims of Autism, Asperger Syndrome, depression, anxiety among other related conditions of the ilk. The reason why medics recommend the blanket to the above of their patients and they always get them satisfied.


 Guarantees a cozy night. After purchasing and trying it out it, you will realize that there is no room for regrets in having invested in the blanket. With this blanket, bedtimes will possibly be the best of your 24 hours.


  • 100% USA made
  • Quality and durable
  • Therapeutic effect
  • Cozy, soft and comfortable experience
  • Several color variants to choose from


  • Can attract cat hair
  • Not possible to wash it with a standard machine. Maybe designing it with a removable cover could make cleaning it with a machine easier.

6. Premium Weighted Blanket for Adults by InYard

The weighted blanket is one of the most trusted by most families. It is made in the United States. With 100% polyester for its front and 100% flannel on the back, the blanket is a favorite night companion you can ever wish to have. It is velvety soft with non-toxic, hypoallergenic plastic poly pellets. And what more than a product whose cleanliness can be sorted through hand-washing!

The blanket is engineered to relieve you of your depression through its pressure on your body. Inyard is known to efficiently deal with mild to adverse signs of anxiety, insomnia and Autism among other medical conditions. Given that the stress therapy of Inyard is natural, it can be used to complement other preventive and therapeutic solutions.

In addition to relieving you of your stress, you can be sure of nights that you will sleep like a two weeks old baby. Through exciting the increase o melatonin-sleep hormone, you are sure to fall asleep faster than the time it takes lightning to strike a tree!

And it is not age specific. Even teens can use the blanket. Especially those struggling with Restless leg syndrome, Asperger syndrome as well as those with autism.

Experience with the Product

It can convert your stressful nights to comfortable ones, sound and therapeutic. It comes with a relaxed feeling.


  • Premium material of 100% flannel and polyester
  • Non-toxic features
  • Hand washable
  • Stress relieving capabilities


  • The beads used make lost of noise, especially when rolling over.
  • The size of the blanket can sometimes be smaller to that of the bed.

5. Deluxe CALMFORTER(TM) Blanket

Want therapeutic nights full of coziness and comfort? Deluxe comforter guarantees you precisely that. It is just the insurance cover against sleep disorders like insomnia and depression. It is designed with even pressure on your body courtesy of Stardust Microband and CloudSoftPollyfill trademarks.

Unlike other weighted blankets, Deluxe CalmForter stands out for its non-therapeutic appearance to the eye. The weight is all hidden entirely in the cover that has been given a silky touch for an unrivaled softness. The inner part of the blanket is designed with unique SensaDot trademark texture pattern that you will find fantastic with your hands. It is best and soft to touch.

Another feature of Deluxe CalmForter is how the cover and the weighted parts are designed to make it easily washable. The cover can be divorced from the central part through a simple unzipping process. You can then wash only the cover and preserve the quality of the weighted portion.

You may have how small weighted blankets may be to the extent of making you cuddle beyond your wish just to fit into the mean blanket surface. Not with Deluxe CalmForter. The maker was generous with a dimension of 60” × 80” to cover even of the tallest gigantic men!

It has a standard weight for all. Designed with a 12lb weight, you can make more or less than its weight by either folding it or utilizing parts of it. Perfect! Isn’t it? Yes, you don’t need to get more blankets with different weights like the rest. Get one a try it out, and you going to be kissing goodbye to insomnia.Possibly one weighted blanket that is worth the investment. With it you will have the best value for your money.

Experience with the product

No Insomnia, No night terrors, No twitching limps and no depression. All sound, soft and sleep. And all this at no feel of the weight above your body.


  • Generous blanket size
  • No noticeable weight
  • A cover can be unzipped for washing
  • A standard size for all situations
  • Extra soft cover


  • Easily slides downwards to your feet. The designer could have done better by having something to hold the weighted blanket to the cover.
  • Suitable for colder winters because of its poor aeration. Extremely hot.

4. Weighted Blanket by Zonli

The product from Zonli is made from 100% cotton material. It is recommended for adults. Its softness gives you the comfort you always desire.

The ingenuity that was invested in its design is just superb! It got undetachable cover but still designed to be easily washable. It can be hand washed and laid down to dry. Poly pellets free from toxins is part of this excellent product from Zonli. And the weight is balanced.

The weighted blanket is made with therapeutic features that will have a positive impact on your nervous system. It arouses a hugging feeling on your body. A natural massage after a hard day of hassles.  With this blanket over your body, you can travel to slumberland and back feel like you have not had enough!

Experience with the product

A night with Zonli’s Weighted blanket is one full of softness and comfort you will not get elsewhere. The massaging is nerve-breaking and the sleep sound and peaceful. Enables you kiss goodbye to your sleep disorders.


  • Even weight distribution
  • Non-toxic poly pellets
  • Hand washable
  • Cover attached well yet still easily cleanable
  • Therapeutic effect


  • It could be more appealing if it were designed for both kids and adults
  • Weak seams that may leak beads

3. Weighted Blanket by YnM for Adults

YnM weighted blanket makes it to the medal bracket and books the bronze position. It is designed to be 10% of your body weight with an intent to give a healing pressure to your body that will leave you to stress free. The blanket increases relaxation and makes your nights wonderful experience.

The inside layer of the weighted blanket is made out of 100% cotton material. The weight compartment is designed with sand pellets in place of beads. The sand pellets are non-toxic hypo-allergenic, and unperfumed which adds into the comfort brought by the blanket compared to when plastic pellets are used.

Machine washing is recommended for the YnM weighted blanket. The setting of the machine should be low and gentle to maintain its quality.

The unique thing about this blanket is the fact that, its inner layer and duvet cover are sold separately. This means you can use the full set in the winter and only the inner layer in the summer. The stuff is best for hot places because of this feature.

If you are thinking of the best gift to give to your girl, don’t think further. Give her a cozy night with this fantastic blanket. The blanket will stand for you when you are not at the scene with a stimulating bodily hug for a comfortable night as if she had her head on your chest.

Experience with the product

Nights full of stimulating hugs that will leave, you relieved of stress.


  • Tailored to fit your body
  • Detachable inner layer and cover for all seasons
  • Sand pellets instead of plastic pellets for better comfort
  • Therapeutic effect


  • The only machine wash recommended
  • Cases of weak seams hence sand spillage

2. Premium Weighted Blanket For Adults by rocabi

The silver spot goes to the Rocabi made premium weighted blanket because of its so many desirable features ranging from its generous size, washable cum removable cover, velvet softness in addition to its therapeutic experience.

The fabric is made out of a minky, plush Polyester and micro-fiber. It is the sleep mode activator that will get you into slumber with its rocking softness. You are sure to have stress free nights.

There is a size for everyone with a production of lighter to the heaviest of the weighted blankets. This is all meant to give a pressure like no other to stimulate your nerves to an esteemed relaxation.

The blanket stands out from the rest for its removable and replaceable cover. The cover is machine washable as well, but you can change it after you feel that it should be retired. This prolongs the durability of your blanket in addition to giving a facelift every other time. Clean and fresh nights is all you get with maintaining the blanket.

After a long day of life's bustles and hassles can only be countered with a quality weighted blanket like Rocabi's.

Experience with the product

A perfect relaxer, goodbye to anxiety, depression and all forms of sleep disorders. Faster sleep and less stress. It gives a hug like that of a Bengal tiger. A girl visiting you for the first time may just decide to extend her stay after having a feel!


  • Interchangeable cover
  • Relaxing feel on the body
  • Variety of sizes to sort everyone


  • The beads shift position hence uneven weight

1. The Magic Weighted Blanket in Luxurious Soft Chenille

On the Golden spot is the magic weighted blanket. It has been featured in the DR. OZ and Forbes Magazineboosting its status on the top. The blanket is made from a luxurious and elegant soft Chenille Fabric. This is the best weighted blanket to touch.

It has stamped its authority in the market as the best-weighted blanket having been the first of its kind back in 1998. This means the blanket has been with us for two decades and is still going strong. Its come of teenage and its now in the adult stage, more responsible in making your night's unforgettable experiences.

Designed with a non-therapeutic look, the magic blanket is just the product you need to get away from the nags of your girlfriend. Huh! You too will be asleep before she reminds you of your daytime sins.

Experience with the product

Calms persons with STDs as well as other related problems. You will wake up relieved of your stress because of the blankets comfort and therapeutic touch on your body. The magic in the blanket is that you will feel safe from night terrors. After losing a close person, just slide under the blanket and you will sleep to the fullest.


  • Non-therapeutic looks
  • Two decades of experience
  • Calm and comforting sleep
  • Sewn with invisible stitches to give a magic feel


  • May piss off those who don't love light-colored products
  • A thicker fabric would make it better

Your Checklist to Buying One of the above-weighted blankets

It is not only enough to know about the best-weighted blankets. It will be more prudent also to get it right with the weight and size. You are buying the item for yourself, your girl, or even your Kid and there is no one fits whole for all of you. Each one should have a tailored solution to suit their needs and bodies. The significant factors that come into play here will be the weight in addition to the desired size of the weighted blanket.


Getting it right on, this variable is very vital to your blood circulation and the general intention of yearning for a weighted blanket’s hug. Mosaic Weighted Blanket advices on the 10% rule should apply.

Size of Ones Body

Weighted blanket size for Adult

Adult’s Weight

Weighted blanket size for Youth

Youth’s Weight

Weighted blanket size for Toddler





7-15 lbs


6-12 lbs


10% Rule



8-20 lbs


7-15 lbs



9-25 lbs


8-20 lbs

For Children, it is a bit tricky as there is no research on statistics, but you can use the adults rule to play with a safe margin. The 10% rule can still apply, but given that children grow exponentially, you should have more allowance than that of adults.


When picking on a weighted blanket, size matters as well as weight. The recommended size should be the one that will cover your bed fully and live a negligible allowance for tucking in were you too. At least a six-inch allowance should be given when you were ordering for your kid. Those dudes grow like trees!

Bed Size

Weighted Blanket Size

Twin Bed


Full Size


Queen Size


King Size


Conventional Bed Sizes and Corresponding Weighted Blanket Size

As a matter of caution, this information should make your work easier but it is not meant to replace the advice from an occupational therapist


The above list of weighted blankets made to the top list for their stunning features. There are others but the discussed above should give you a headstart and narrow your choices. Our choices have the backing of the medics who usually recommend weighted blankets to their depressed clients and other related sleep disorders. Having taken time to give you the best, it is possibly time for you to reward your tired body with one of the above products and be guaranteed with fast sound and cozy sleep. Have a pleasant sleep experience, won't you!