Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets have turned regular nights into therapeutic experiences. It is for this very reason that medics and occupational therapist will always advise you to have one. Weighted blankets are beneficial because of their Deep Touch Pressure-DTP on the body.

It is recommended for Autistic people and those with other sleep disorder related conditions for enhanced calm nights.

Since their inception in 1998 when the first of their kind came into the market, it has continued to be the favourite for blanket shoppers especially those with sleep disorders. Below are some of the significant benefits drawn from using a weighted blanket.

Enhancing Sleep

If you are the type that gets to bed, with an active body that resists sleep, then, you ought to invest in a weighted blanket. The blanket will lull you to sleep so fast with profound soundness.

Yes, you heard it right. Weighted blankets have the power to rock you to a cosy sleep. The pressure that comes with it has been shown to excite the sleep hormone in your body. Sleep disorders result from low serotonin hormone.

Autistic children have low serotonin, and that is why they have issues with sleep. It is also due to less of this neurochemical that will cause insomnia. Weighted blankets will not only promote and improve your sleep but also enhance the quality.

Mental Activeness

Besides weighted blankets, their vests built on the same idea. When worn on the body, they have proved to improve focus and alertness of the wearer. Students on weighted vests are sharp in class and are fired up to focus on a task.

The class attentiveness with little fidgeting has been reported when such vests are used on kids. So, next time you wish to light the days of your kids, go weighted because of its alertness merit.

Counters Anxiety and Depression

Perhaps you know of someone suffering from nervousness. A nervous person will always be full of worries that have the potential of influencing how they think, act, and behave. If not managed well, it can cause depression.

It is common to run to the bedroom when disturbed mentally. The cosiness and the warmth derived from our beds can just be the missing link to happiness. However, the solitude can extend the stress. However, a weighted blanket can be the companion you need for your nervousness.

The grounding pressure from the weighted blankets can negate the impacts of anxiety. When you are under stress, just bury yourself under a weighted blanket for a therapeutic feel.

Managing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a kind of metal condition asymptomatic of repeating tasks by the victim. The victim of OCD is compelled to do something in unusual frequencies. You may have met with someone who exhibits such behaviours.

They will dust the house repeatedly even when there is no dirt. This may be construed to mean hard work, but in the real sense, it is a disorder that is borne out of the unstable and fearful mind.

The Deep Touch Pressure guaranteed by weighted blankets has the potential of stabilizing the thoughts. It can manage your fears, calm you from tension, boost your moods and ultimately manage your obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Non-medicinal Pressure therapy

There are pharmaceutical solutions to get you sleep comfortably. They are out there in the market, and they have the approval of such revered bodies like FDA, but they come with several unpleasant side effects.

However, weighted blankets have proved useful as some of the medicinal procedures, and they will serve you without having to worry about any side effects. It is also convenient because you do not have to create extra time to see a therapist. You will get the hug while sleeping and no extra cost other than the one used to acquire the weighted blanket.


Does Research Support The above Benefits?

The above and many other benefits make weighted blankets ideal for use by various groups of people. The above advantages have a scientific foundation. Several types of research motivated by weighted blankets have been carried out so far and have Okayed benefits as discussed above.

The weighted blankets are designed behind the science of deep Touch Pressure. This is a tactile sensory feeling drawn from a firm hold, cuddling, firm stroking, squeezing and tight hugging. All these acts have an ultimate calming effect.


Parents who have children with autism have a definite testament to weighted blankets. Research shows that results show that the blanket improves sleep in children and adults.

The DTP stimulation is therapeutic and helps the body produce more serotonin that is responsible for the creation of melatonin. Melatonin is a neurotransmitter that controls the body as far as sleep is concerned.


Another study on showed that weighted blankets were positively counteractive to Insomnia. Insomnia derails the quality of sleep. The research confirmed that sleeping under a weighted blanket increased the sleep bout time.

Those who used the blanket fell to sleep faster, and the quality of their nap was good in comparison to those who used ordinary blankets under the same conditions.

Anxiety can alter our daily lives. Sources of tension can be varied. That itching toothache with excruciating pain may be stressing you. Studies have shown that having a weighted blanket can help manage such kinds of stress if not wholly relieve you off them.


A study on the effects of the deep pressure of weighted blankets and vests on anxiety shows a positive impact. For those who used the weighted blanket, they appeared more calm and composed. The cortisol hormone is responsible for stress and anxiety. The deep touch pressure from the weighted blankets counters this chemical thus leaves you composed.



There are endless scientifically backed benefits to weighted blankets. It is not a question of why you should have one but why you do not have one yet. With the so many studies giving weighted blankets thumbs up on managing stress, calming and cosy nights as well as kicking away insomnia and an array of other sleep-related disorders, there is no reason why you should not own the best-weighted blanket for your needs.

DIY vs Ready Made Weighted Blanket

DIY Vs. Ready Made Weighted Blankets

Like other wears, weighted blankets come with options. One group of people love their blankets factory made or rather readymade while others will want them done at home in what is popularly known as “do it yourself-DIY.”

With DIY, your source for the materials and sew the weighted blanket yourself whereas, for the readymade, the manufacturer has already stitched it for commercial purposes.

Several factors can inform one to go either way. It should be cool for any choice you make. However, there are merits and demerits for both, and we have taken considerable research on both.

Why Ready-Made weighted blankets?

Readymade is the off the rack bespoke weighted blankets designed and made by a commercial manufacturer. This kind of blanket is widely available in the market for order. The features such as weight and sizes are standardized as per the available researched the information.

They are like the fast foods on the go! When you get into a fasts food joint, you just order based on what is on the menu. Similarly, these kinds of blankets do not give room for customers input and if any very limited.

Readymade weighted blankets usually are widely available and standardized. They are usually designed in numerous options of colors, sizes, fabrics, and even weights from which to choose from. For this case, they are produced in masses. So why exactly should you choose readymade over DIY? Let us look at the merits and the demerits below.

Merits of Readymade weighted blankets

  • Mass production: The bulk production of weighted blankest mean they are more in retail, and you can get one easily with less hassle.
  • A variety of weights: With the mass production, you have blankets in the market with different weights for different people
  • Color Variants. Several people, especially the feminine gender love colors. Their eyes see color, and they select with the color being one of the criteria.
  • Multiple sizes to pick from
  • Multiple styles to choose from
  • A variety of fabrics means you have the autonomy to go for what interests you
  • They are readymade hence involves a short time
  • Plus it is covered by most manufacturers under a warranty!

Demerits of Readymade weighted blankets

  • Lack of uniqueness; Ever visited a friend’s house, and you realize that her sofa sets resemble yours in everything? Well, it does happen and makes one of you a copycat of the other. Human beings are unique and want to remain so. Mass production that is common with ready-mades deprives you of this uniqueness.
  • Weighted blankets retail at exorbitant prices. Despite the lower cost involved in mass production, the end product is normally high, especially for the popular brand names.
  • Difficult in choosing the right weight, and size for your body or kid; the blessing of variety can just be the curse in some way when it comes to making the right choices.
  • There is also a complaint about the readymade blankets, which their Polly pellets are not adequately sewn into place and some even leak.

Why DIY weighted blankets?

If you are hands-on, or if you love it outstandingly unique, then DIY weighted blankets are your things. The skill that goes into the sewing together of the different parts of the blanket is directly from you.

The designer, sources for the different materials he or she will need to deliver a weighted blanket including the covers, the inner lining, and the Polly pellets. You may need a sewing machine to put together the joints of the Polly pellet porches. This option comes with the design democracy that is much needed by some.

There are myriad of factors that may make one go for a DIY blanket over a readymade one. These include the costs involved, the autonomy involved as well as the type of the fillings among others. There are several merits and some disadvantages of this choice as highlighted below.

Merits of Readymade weighted blankets

  • The resulting weighted blanket product will be unique and according to your design. BYOB! Yes, you are your own boss or put it more appropriately, be your own blankets maker!
  • The weight and the size are, as you like. With this type, you will have the autonomy to sew what you think your body can handle as well as the size that will perfectly cover you.
  • The fabric of your own choice. You will also have the freedom to choose the type of material to use. You can use nylon, cotton or any other fabric depending on your environment and preference.
  • Freedom when choosing the pellets to use. You may choose to stick with the popular plastic pellets or go for something else that can act as an alternative to the sand.
  • The cost is low. When you decide to sew it yourself, the overall cost comes down. Who does not want to save some coins anyway?
  • The ingenuity and keenness that you invest in your weighted blanket can just make it last longer than the average bespoke blanket could last!

Demerits of Readymade weighted blankets

  • Time-consuming. Since the agrarian revolution, machines have always been about the mechanization for more in less time. Apparently, the legacy of doing it manually is slower.
  • Low output. Because of slow throughput, you can expect fewer blankets when you do it yourself.
  • Stitching defects: Human is to err. Right? Areas of the weighted blanket sewn when one is active will be near perfect compared to those parts when fatigue takes a toll on you. This will even affect the number of pellets per porch hence there is a chance of skewed weight.


The comparative analysis above for the two approaches to having a weighted blanket in your household can help you make informed decisions. The choice is all yours. The have it quick it guys can consider a readymade weighted blanket, and those who love unique things should do it themselves. The former group has their worries well taken off by the manufacturer. DIY blankets demand more but at a lower cost. So the choice is yours as the ‘clothtivists’ say “my cloth my choice”. Therefore, the weighted blanket, your way!