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After working several years for one of the leading textile companies, I moved to a blanket manufacturer and there, I was introduced my lovely weighted blanket.

From the first time I used it, I got very good results and started to advice my dear friends, neighbors,colleagues this wonderful blanket. Whilst talking to a friend, she said " Why dont you share it? You seem to be very experienced and its about your job, so actually you are a weighted blanket expert". She was right,

Therefore, I decided to build this blog and share my experience, happiness with my readers.
Please feel free to contact me if you need any assistance while choosing the best weighted blanket. 

Weighted Blanket Expert

Hello! Susan Mills here :) My friends call me Weighted Blanket Expert. Thats why I named this site so.

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What Our Visitors Say:

Thanks Susan for helping us

For years, I have had a lot of trouble sleeping and suffer from pretty awful night terrors. Thanks to Susan, she made my nights. Now I can sleep much better. I feel like a reborn.

Albert Stewart

Susans Advice was very helpful

Thanks to Susan, My grandson who has autism and a sensory disorder now sleeps way better than before. We welcome the sweet nights. Now I feel like super grandma :)

Jane Doe

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